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T.E.A.M. 2019

05 - 06 MAY 19


Please RSVP by April 25th to reserve a seat.



MAY 05-06 2019

201 Marx Hall, Princeton, NJ


This year's speakers will be Ray Briggs, Michael Caie, Kenny Easwaran, Peter Fritz, Jeremy Goodman, Tamar Lando, Harvey Lederman, and Bernhard Salow. Invited participants in this year's conference will be: Andrew Bacon (USC), Cian Dorr (NYU), Melissa Fusco (Columbia), Dmitri Gallow (Pitt), Wes Holliday (Berkeley), Arc Kocurek (Cornell), Ofra Magidor (Oxford), Sarah Moss (Michigan), Ginger Schultheis (NYU/Chicago), and Una Stojnic (Columbia).


Sunday May 05

9:30 - 10:00am   Coffee

10:00 - 11:30am   Peter Fritz (Oslo), "A Path to Worldliness." Abstract

Chair: Andrew Bacon (USC)


11:50 - 1:20pm   Tamar Lando (Columbia), "Pointless Space." Abstract

Chair: Cian Dorr (NYU)

1:20 - 2:20pm   Lunch

2:20 - 3:50pm   Harvey Lederman (Princeton), "A Non-Substitutional Semantics for Attitude Reports." Abstract 

Chair: Una Stojnic (Columbia/Princeton)

4:10 - 5:40pm   Michael Caie (Toronto), "Semantic Indecision." Abstract

Chair: Ofra Magidor (Oxford)

5:40 - 6:30pm   Drinks 

6:30pm   Dinner

Monday May 06

9:30 - 10:00am    Coffee

10:00 - 11:30am   Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M), "What is Epistemic Rationality?" Abstract

Chair: Melissa Fusco (Columbia)


11:50 - 1:20pm   Jeremy Goodman (USC), "Intentionalism." Abstract

Chair: Wes Holliday (Berkeley)

1:20 - 2:20pm       Lunch

2:20 - 3:50pm   Ray Briggs (Stanford), "When to Seek a Second Opinion." Abstract

Chair: Dmitri Gallow (Pitt)

4:10 - 5:40pm   Bernhard Salow, (Oxford), "Sequential Decisions under the Idea of Freedom." Abstract

Chair: Sarah Moss (Michigan)