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Talks on Epistemology and Metaphysics (TEAM)

21 - 22 APRIL 18



APRIL 21-22 2018


201 Marx Hall, Princeton, NJ


Saturday April 21

9:30 - 10:00am Coffee, Tower Room,

1879 Hall

10:00 - 11:30am   Wes Holliday (Berkeley), "Possibility Semantics." Abstract

Chair: Dmitri Gallow (Pittsburgh)


11:50 - 1:20pm   Peter Fritz (Oslo),

"Ground and grain." Abstract

Chair: Cian Dorr (NYU)


1:20 - 2:20pm   Lunch

2:20 - 3:50pm   Jeremy Goodman (USC), "Theories of Aboutness."

Chair: Boris Kment (Princeton)

4:10 - 5:40pm   Ofra Magidor (Oxford),

"How Both You and the Brain in a Vat Know Whether or Not You Are Envatted." Abstract

Chair: Harvey Lederman (Princeton)

5:40 - 6:30pm   Drinks 

6:30pm   Dinner

Sunday April 22

9:30 - 10:00am Coffee, Tower Room,

1879 Hall

10:00 - 11:30am   Ray Briggs (Stanford),

Real-Life Newcomb Problems

Chair: Jim Pryor (NYU)


11:50 - 1:20pm   Andrew Bacon (USC), "Inductive Knowledge." Abstract

Chair: Tamar Lando (Columbia)

1:20 - 2:20pm   Lunch

2:20 - 3:50pm   Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M), "Diachronic and Interpersonal Coherence." (joint work with Reuben Stern) Abstract

Chair: Mike Caie (Pittsburgh)

4:10 - 5:40pm   Sarah Moss (Michigan),

"Full Belief and Loose Speech" Abstract

Chair: Bernhard Salow (Cambridge)